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Urban Farmer

Who We Are ?

At Urban Farmer, we are a youthful, enthusiastic, and motivated team on a mission to transform cities into hubs for food production. The company engages in the areas of green energy, organic farming, and environmental conservation.

 The CEF Group (https://cefgroup.in/) is an organization that works in various industries such as green energy, environmental protection, ayurveda, education, skill development, capacity building, and organic products in manufacturing and procurement.

The CEF Group comes with more than two decades of experience and a highly dedicated and efficient team that has pledged itself to the betterment of this world through green and organic products. At Urban Farmer, we are committed to the nation and the world to manufacture, grow and provide best-in-class 100% organic products ranging from manure to agri-produce at reasonable prices to its clients and customers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make every household a green and organic food production unit. Our goal is to make you use only chemical-free vegetables and fruits grown up in your houses and also help you to contribute to environmental protection.

 We thrive on building modern yet natural, self-sufficient ways of farming to cater to the needs of the planet and its people.



Urban Farmer is a platform for providing gardening products and services in urban areas. We create the best green spaces in your house by converting your balcony or patio space into a beautiful kitchen garden and by growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers organically. We are a one-stop solution for all quality and organic gardening products.

Why choose us?

Best Quality

Reasonable Price

Quick Delivery

Customer Support

Our Core Values

Customer Focus: We try our best to surpass the customer’s needs and expectations as we lay our prime focus on a high return value for the cost paid by customers for our products.

Leadership: We thrive for quality and believe in the policy of zero tolerance when it comes to providing the best quality organic products that we deal in. Best-in-class and natural raw materials are the key to maintaining the right quality. With simplicity, at its core, we use the best possible technology & techniques to give the best products to our customers. We work with multiple scientists across India and abroad and continue to make our R&D stronger in order to stay ahead in providing the best solutions.

Excellence: We believe in excellence, from people working in our group to associates and vendor selection, where quality is the main emphasis rather than quantity or profits. In order to deliver the highest standards in our product range, we execute minute details and various accuracy tests before going to market.

Responsibility: We consider ourselves responsible for leading the nation towards a natural, green, clean, and pure India. India has been a leader for ages and has always led the world with natural products like organics, Ayurveda, yoga, etc. While we thrive to make this world a better place for future generations, we feel the whole planet belongs to us, and we are equally responsible for every corner of it.