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Retail stores have always provided an important service to consumers. But in the midst of COVID-19, grocery has emerged as one of the most important industries in the world—and one of only a handful of industries deemed “essential” and allowed to remain open and operational through the pandemic. The changing behavior of consumer itself seems to be a propelling agent for the future growth of this business. With the boom in the economy and increasing spending power, people prefer to shop at those new age shiny grocery retail stores, where they are treated to large shopping aisles with products stacked neatly on the shelves. The products for daily needs like dairy, cereals, pulses, daily use items, and more are arranged orderly with their price tags and salespeople on their toes.

CEF ventured into setting and operating retail stores in 2020 and is now successfully running these stores. CEF executed agreement with NAFED to set up these retail stores in name of NAFED Bazaar across Delhi/NCR and few other states.

These stores give following benefits:

  • All daily need items are available under one roof
  • Good quality products can reach common man and that too at reasonable prices
  • Organically grown products are available
  • All the products procured and sold are properly certified and licensed under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • Buying directly from the farmers helps save chain costs

A strategic alliance is made with IOCL where we have received in-principle approval to start and set up these Retail bazaars at their fuel stations across India. This vital step of allying with IOCL aims to empower the farmers and consumers of our India by creating the largest retail chain, focusing not on profitability only but a sustainable driven approach which focus on the needs and requirements of customers.

These retail stores partners with all the big names like Nestle, HUL, PepsiCo, Unilever etc to ensure that all kinds of products are available to the consumers without any compromise on the quality element.

CEF is planning for more than 250 such stores by 2024.