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A young India, with a large skilled human force is creating a revolution across the world.We are building the skills and capacities necessary to drive innovation, thus becoming a country of tomorrow. The opportunities that prevail are limitless.

CEF believes that India is building shared prosperity not only for its 1.25 billion citizens but others as well by transforming the way innovation ever happened in various sectors creating endless value. CEF covers key sectors such as education, capacity building, agriculture,ayurveda, renewable energy, environment, urbanization and amalgamate the same with likes of social development, philanthropy and sustainability. The solutions thus created will enable sectoral growth with a fraction of the resources to attain desired outcomes. As the world increasingly confronts technological change and sustainability challenges, we believe India and the Winning Leap can offer an exemplar for other growth markets as well.

A sense of humanity, with the intellect, energy and creativity of a young nation is poised to grow rapidly. At CEF, we are energized and humbled by this opportunity and the benefits that flow to all humanity, its businesses, investors and the government. This journey is concerted with effort we believe for rapid, equitable and sustainability by which wholesome growth is achievable.

Today, India's youth want to make an economic and social difference. Members of a burgeoning emerging working class are looking for new, customized solutions to address unmet needs. Citizens and consumers are feeling informed and empowered to demand as well as drive change. Citizen organizations are pushing to ensure that economic growth is accompanied by equally valuable improvements in human development.

We are sitting at 1.2 billion, going on to 1.5 billion in population. This was a huge challenge but currently it is also a large opportunity. It will stretch our finite resources to the limitless opportunity as there are continuous and rapid break through sin technology in all sectors. CEF stands strong in terms of its ability to craft new business models and strategies for all stake holders.

We focus on delivering best output and saving environment together. Our approach is social, economic and environmental friendly. India is fast growing into a preferred international business and investment destination and the feat has been a result of multiple interventions and policy changes initiated by the government in the past, which has been unanimously applauded by business and industry leaders alike.

CEF has various verticals it works in like - energy, education, ayurveda, social, skill development, agriculture amongst others. CEF works for human capital through education and training. Belief system that drives us with prominent force and focus is skilling youth and skilling India. We understand and work for health awareness, livelihood, women empowerment, skill development. CEF is committed to work with various sections of society in order to facilitate employment creation and opportunities.

CEF abide by the balance of Pancha maha bhootas: Five elements that have us in their grip - Akash (space), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth) and Vayu (wind). Taking care of every element and working close to stay in equilibrium with these ultimately makes all the work on track and focused.

Policy of CEF is to conduct its business activities and transactions with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Sustainability has emerged as an ethic aimed at lessening humanity's ecological footprint and fostering greater intra generational and inter generational equity. Critical problems arising from the use of fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources point to the need for new energy technology deployment based on sustainable principles. Energy derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly, or renewable energy, has gained widespread recognition as a means of solving some of the current problems associated with conventional energy, including: energy poverty, inequitable distribution of resources, inequitable distribution of risks and benefits, and military conflict.

In India, agriculture sector still contributing 14% of Gross Domestic Product and it still employs over 52% of labor force of the country and on an average; about 70% of the households and 10% of the urban population is dependent on agriculture as their source of livelihood. Today, India is a major supplier of several agricultural commodities like tea, coffee, rice, spices, oil meals, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, meat and its preparations and marine products to the international market. India is a large producer of several agricultural products. Taking all the date in consideration CEF feels a need to execute and develop agricultural sector economically, technologically, social, politically efficient.

Our approach is to create a structure to help everyone play their part in combating climate change by putting people at the heart of the solution. We accept that switching to an ethical and renewable electricity supplier is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions. Green energy is a growing area, and the more demand there is for renewable energy, the more pressure there will be on governments and energy companies to provide it.

CEF is into renewable energy, bio-fuels, agriculture, ayurveda, skill development, international mobilization of labor, etc. along with philanthropy activities like Bal Bharti Academy(BBA) which works for health awareness, livelihood, women empowerment and other, Bhagat Singh Brigade, concern, etc. with a overall objective to nourish earth.

All the entities are operated with a focus to maximize energy using resources like people, bio sources, natural resources and use them optimally to produce best outcomes.

CEF follows words given by Karl-Henrik Robert, who said - "Business is the economic engine of our western culture, and if it could be transformed to truly serve nature as well as ourselves, it could become essential to our rescue" CEF too believes in nurturing human and natural resources in equilibrium with the environment and supply/demand curve.

Paul Hawken said, "Everything is connected to everything else" is often called the First Law of Ecology. Helping human society to prosper in the 21st century requires that we recognize the importance of living in balance with our physical environment and treating each other with dignity and equity"

Our Vision

"To build green world   by creating healthy and sustainable   communities and energize   the same by renewable resources   to provide green   and   clean energy."

Our Mission

"To contribute effectively in promotion of renewable energy and executing our projects efficiently by following the high standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability."

The Difference

Why Choose Us

If you are interested in development / implementation of quality projects in the field of renewable energy across India or abroad.

If you have a technology that suits for commercialization across India

If you are looking for political and bureaucratic support along with PR to setup projects that are socially, commercially & impact wise qualitative

If you wish to process various kinds of organic waste into bio-gas, bio-methane, hydrogen etc.

If you are looking at re-selling / distributorship / agency of a project line in Organic Manure and farming.

If you wish to implement projects under CSR (Corporate social responsibility) in India

"We work only with quality Individuals & Organizations with integrity as the base"