CEF Group


  • Workshop on Green Jobs

    Global research and practical experiences from a range of countries provide growing evidence that greening economies could be a means to create more and betters jobs in sectors and activities that reduce energy and materiel consumption; minimize waste and pollution;.....

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  • Through the eyes of the new building inspector

    CONCERN 2014 in its endeavor to enhance the quality of Indian education institutes and its continuous thrive to benchmark Indian education at world scale is organizing the one day conference. Indian education at world scale is organizing the one day conference....

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  • Concern 2013

    To equip the India Institutions with better know how of the ongoing trends and the impact of ICT and provide a platform for prestigious Indian Universities and colleges to present their high quality education programs to international participants and consultants....

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  • Concern 2012

    Information and Communication Technology has for long been a potentially revamping and productive trend for the education sector. The facts reveal that in the education sector, its negatives can be minimized and positive outputs can be amplified....

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